Monday, December 20, 2010

End of Days

I'm back. I guess. IDK. Anyhow, I just wanted to write this down somewhere because it's been bothering me a little. I have been having this reoccurring dreams about... wait for it... THE END OF THE WORLD! Now, maybe I'm a quack. Maybe there are thousands of explanations for these dreams to include the consumption of spicy food before bed time but nonetheless it merits mentioning.

Most of the dreams I don't remember in too much detail but what I do recall is this:
1) Impending doom; feeling like something really bad (on a global scale) is happening
2) Black rolling clouds
3) Red fire in the sky (usually glowing through the black clouds)
4) Sometimes dry (and unusual) lightning

Now, I would like to point out that I have no desire to make up my mind that the end is coming. I would love more than anyone else to stay ignorant and to think that mankind has a nearly infinite future ahead on planet earth.

I would also like to state that (until this morning) I had attempted to ignore these dreams. Nor have I been obsessed at any point in time about dooms day (i.e. reading revelations, info on 2012 or 'end of the world' movies). But I was thinking about it today.

Well, I should state that yesterday morning I had a dream that started with earth quakes. Running outside I saw massive columns of red fire bursting out from the earth and massive black clouds crowning those columns (and of course the feeling of impending doom).

All of this I could be chalked up as poor choice in dreaming topics. Except that I began doing some online research concerning End of the World dreams. 90% of the dreams that were described had three (four?) things in common:

1) Impending doom.
2) Black clouds.
3) Red fire in the sky.
4) Sometimes dry lightning.

Maybe its nothing. Then again 'maybe'...

-Nosmo (whatever)

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