Friday, September 10, 2010

Where I have Been Hanging

I know I set up a link to this web site before but I thought I would post it again. I have been spending a lot of time writing poetry and less time writing prose and so I have been posting at the Poetry Showcase. Check it out!

As far as the goings on in my life? I'm kinda stuck in limbo due to a paper work malfunction. I can't go into too much detail but people have been sowing seeds in my head that I may be stuck in this temporary shore duty for some time (maybe even a year!). While the day to day at the temporary job (which includes setting up ceremonies, handling lines for ships that are pulling into port and sweeping parking lots) isn't bad I just hate being stuck somewhere that I don't know how long I will be. I want to settle in and not go to work everyday wondering if things are going to drastically change at a moments notice.

Sunday is my birthday. I will be turning 35. Old enough to know better but still too young... well you know the rest. I wonder what my wife is going to do for my birthday. I think that I will keep my mouth shut and see if she even remembers. I could be spending my 35th birthday in my home office surfing the net and writing. (Then again that doesn't sound too bad, really.) We will see.

My reading has gotten cluttered since I have been home. I am in the middle of 5 books. No wonder it takes so long to get to the end. I will admit I am not a speed reader and even if I was blessed with such skill I wouldn't want to use it. I like to savor every word, reread paragraphs and entire chapters (actually thats due to my inability to concentrate which I have mentioned before in a previous post).

Shoots. More den tree paragraphs! I da kine. Aloha from da islands, cuz! (a little bit of pidgin for you)



  1. Ditto to the previous!

    I'm not a speed reader but I'm pretty fast. I have no patience for slow which is why I don't get into a lot of poetry. I don't like to have to think too much to "get" what is trying to be communicated. I want to be smacked in the face with it. Maybe that's why I like Haiku.

  2. Thank you! Another year older. Well, I'll have to say that different people read for different reasons. Being one who grew up reading fantasy and science fiction, visualization is paramount when it comes to reading. I enjoy imagining what I read in my mind. I love details of settings and characters and through that I immerse into the book. I could also understand if you read a lot of fiction that is 'mundane' (meaning the settings are firmiliar and the way a character looks isn't all that unique-modern fiction)then I could understand reading to get a basic gist of whats going on. The story as a whole is more important than the details. I perfer not to read those books. My wife has a number of them around the house. I have tried reading a few. Not my scene.