Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Pain in my Back is from Living

Nosmo's Words of the Day
I am still working on my project. I'll have to admit its not going as planned but things rarely do. The following is another short blurb from Tales of the Golden Monkey Fist:

The earth begins today with a thunderous, rolling rumble beneath feet. The sound travels like waves, ebbing back and forth through the granite mantle. The conifers and broad leafs, oak and spruce, cedar and pine, maple and birch, rise and fall; up trunk, leaf and root then down again with a ‘shwooshing’ crash. Fissures gape, spitting flame, belching smoke, vomiting molten earth, burning brush and ancient poles, sizzling rivers burnt to steam, lakes to boiling stew pots.

The sky above is sick. It is grey and black and putrid green. The sun, the pitiful sun, hides behind the great leviathan plumes of hell’s breath, clouds of the underworld set loose upon the heavens. Birds plummet down, spiraling to their deaths, falling in vast numbers like gory hail, sacrifices of the sky gods to the titan of the flaming depths.

Phrase of the Day
"What's another word for thesaurus?" - Steven Wright.

Word of the Day
abolition: The act of abolishing, or the state of being abolished; an annulling; abrogation; utter destruction; as, the abolition of slavery or the slave trade; the abolition of laws, decrees, ordinances, customs, taxes, debts, etc. source


  1. What's with the title? It sounds like your planet is destroying itself in Tales of the Golden Monkey Fist... very dark... hope there is a hero!

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