Thursday, August 19, 2010

A LIfe Worth Sleeping Through

The plant that lead to,
Mind altering entheogen,
To angry days of ethanol.
To brother of lithium,
To caffeine enemas and white mocha lattes,
To stories...
Here the shadow congregates,
And there the light is strong.
I never stood a chance.
They called me here to dance.
My mind, my fellow man!
Here the blood coagulates,
And there the sirens blare!
I couldn't stand at all,
My mind would twist and fall,
My syncopated pitter-pattering heart!
Here life doesn't stop to wait,
And there the wait is long.
I never had a home to make,
Now, others die from my mistakes,
Please life! Don't call me that, DON'T HATE!
The spindle stops. The reflex reacts redistribution.
A third hand. Sinking into flesh.
There is another world. Close your eyes.
There is somewhere I can be king! Close my eyes!
Somewhere black and white.
Good and evil, wrong and right.
If you see me and I'm not here.
Just close your eyes and I'll be there.


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