Monday, July 26, 2010

What Evil Lies in There


The big world spins,
I am spinning with it.
I don't know how it spins,
I don't care.
The rivers flow up and down,
Glittering in the day's failing light.
The moon rises while the sun sets,
I see it in your eyes,
The silver light covers you,
Like a garment of radiant beauty.
You are open to me,
Your blood courses through your veins,
To my veins and to my heart.
You are open to love,
You don't care what face it wears.
You and I, we love the world.
You and I, we ride the world like cosmic cowboys,
Neon hats and spur clad boots,
Vests of sparkling stars,
Wet skin and brilliant smiles.
There is Jesus sliding down a rainbow.
He walks hand in hand with Buddha.
They laugh and talk and love.
We all sit by a great river.
We watch the doubters, the hateful, the bigots,
As they sweep by, unable to change their course,
That leads them to their doom.
A million fists raised in terror, angst and remorse.
We lie in the grass. We make love to each other,
To our friends. Jesus smiles and Buddha cries.
They walk off hand in hand into the sunset.
The big world spins.


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