Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Million Dollar Toilet Seats

I love getting to work, firing up my old Dell and waiting an hour for it to start. This computer is a great example of the military and it's inability to keep up with the times. We still run windows 98, for God sake! Faster computers would definitely increase productivity (then again, in the Navy we don't really produce anything so that statement seems redundant). Increased productivity means I could go home earlier; which would be nice since I don't get paid by the hour.

Anyhow, I think that my real problem is that I have to wait to get on Face Book (misappropriation of government funds right there). Were you aware that your tax dollars go towards the creation and upkeep of this blog and my Face Book addiction? I am sure you were in the dark about it until now.

Happy day. Peace.



  1. Not my tax dollars honey so do what you will.

  2. Thanks for your comment... Unfortunately I do not keep any cookies now because I have to give space to some small chocolates to be distributed to my little cousins and nephews; but I shall store the cookies soon:)

  3. You have a facbook addiction? Hmm, It must be all those game aps!

  4. Or waiting patiently for my wonderful 'fan club' to respond to my messages. :) and then there are all those x-girlfriends who want to chat!

  5. Fan Club and Ex-Girlfriends, man you have your hands full!