Monday, February 22, 2010

Dr. Doom There Are Teeth in the Room

I got my teeth cleaned today after having successfully avoided it for nearly two years. It lasted an hour and forty five minutes for the left side of my mouth. After all of that, I still can't decide the worst part of the process. At first I thought 'the needle in the gums'. There is one shot that hits a nerve that shoots pain up my face past my nose. Unpleasant.

It could be the drill hitting the gums (at least I think it is hitting the gum). Or perhaps the feeling of suffocation (I am a mouth breather after all). Or the hook that scrapes between your teeth which reminds me somehow of finger nails on a chalkboard.

Lastly, and I am sure this is the worse, is the patronizing dentist that tells you, "You need to brush your teeth more, you want to keep your teeth don't you? Here, 34 year old man, let me show you how to brush and floss." Yeah, patronization probably hurts the worst.

I have an appointment to do it all again in March, the right side this time. I'm not real motivated to go back in, not to mention the three cavities and the root canal I still have yet to schedule. The only positive spin I can put on this is that I am glad to be fully insured and pay nothing for dental work.



  1. Aw Geeze.....That sounds like a lot of fun I don't want to experience... :(

  2. I think you should ask for sedation and get it all done at once.

    And go to the dentist more often for the cleaning if it's covered.

  3. Ahhhhh how I miss the free dental.... I need to find me a military wife... at least until just after I get my teeth done....

  4. Aw, quit being such a baby and man it up! You will go back and get it all done! HaHa, I only say this cause I am not the one that has to do it!

  5. I don't like someone being that close to my face, all up in my bidness. If you are gonna put your fingers in my mouth & speak in code, offer me a cocktail or something.