Monday, February 1, 2010

Dirty Laundry

What does it take to write a good 'personal blog'? What are the benefits to writing a 'personal blog' and what are the benefits to reading one on a consistant basis?

These questions have been on my mind recently. I have been reading for over a week now and it has peaked my interest in writing for profit using blogs but I am not certain whether a 'personal blog' like this one would ever generate enough traffic consistantly to make any kind of profit.

The best bet would be to create a blog that focuses on a particular topic such as a hobby that people spend money on but I have no such hobbies with the exception of writing and internet surfing (I am such a boring individual).

Regardless, here we are with the personal blog, the journal blog, playing with the question 'why?'. Why write a personal blog? It's obviously not for money. It's obviously not for fame. I have yet to hear of anyone getting a book deal based on 'personal blogs' about they're daily lives.

Perhaps, I'm an exhibitionsit. I thrill in hanging my dirty laundry out for anyone to come by and comment. I enjoy telling my innermost desires to complete strangers. I love to confess things in a public forum and I find some twisted sense of freedom and release in that. If you surf back through some of my earlier posts you will find a string of scribblings dealing with an online affair with my ex girlfriend, for instance.

Furthermore, I enjoy writing and crafting sentences and paragraphs that communicate with fellow human beings in a way that the normal population of uncreative, illiterate bastards that people this great world of ours cannot. Those you can, write. Those you cant, read. Those who can't, well there are always picture books.


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