Monday, February 8, 2010

Blow Up the Planet

There is No Hope for Planet Earth!
I am no doomsayer or prophet. I have little experience in regards to global warming or economic crisis. I am no mathematician and the Mayan calendar seems like a lot of Greek to me. But I believe anyone who has half a brain in his/ her head can realize where this planet is headed.

Why are we not worried about it? Why is there no world wide panic? Why are people not shot on sight for throwing plastic bottles in the trash as opposed to recycling bins? Where is Will Smith when we need him!

Why We Are Doomed
1) Self Induced Ignorance. And, as we all know, ignorance is bliss. We turn our backs to the truth and even fabricate new truths to ease our minds. Not to mention the endless stream of gagets, gizmos and apps that make us forget about reality for a while.

2) Too Little To Matter. We may have embraced our doom but we believe that we can do little about it. One man cannot change the whole world. One tree is not an entire forest.

3) Selfishness. The most powerful factor in all this is GREED. Recycling is not big money. It costs us money, in fact. There is little profit in hybrid vehicles, at least not for the gas company. Alternate fuel sources are limitless and any product that is found in abundance has little or no value and therefore makes little or no profit.

Ignorance, hopelessness and greed shall be our undoing.



  1. I think a lot of people are like me - they see their own impact as minimal, the danger does not feel immediate, they are too lazy, they live with others who are even more complacent.

  2. After reading this post again I think I missed the direction I was trying to go. I was more concerned with big corporation and greed being the number one driving factor of Earth's 'possible' demise.
    Everyday man has a lot less blame in the whole thing. I'm sure a lot of us would drive hybrid cars if they were more affordable and user friendly. We would recycle more if it were more convienent. I know these things are not good excuses but, none-the-less, if someone made it easier it would happen more often. That's reality.
    For instance, I have a bin for recycling. It's full, infact! I just have no clue when it's supposed to get picked up and I don't have the motivation to find out. Nor do I intend on leaving it out by the road. Laziness, true, you are right.

  3. Humans are notoriously short term thinkers.

  4. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  5. Big Cooperations! How about big States? The whole state of Alaska does not recycle. They do not have recyling centers and in most cases don't have the option for one. But the students at UAF have to pay $20 dollars a simester to see what some club is going to come up with to solve the recycling issues around the University, there is no foreseen sollution but in the meantime they project to have 4 million dollars. I hope they come up with something good!