Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nuking It Right!

Some people find blogging to be a good thing. They say it relieves stress. They say it helps to write things down. I can understand where they are coming from but I'm not sure I agree that it works that way for everyone. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of stopping this. Blogging for me is a drug and I need my fix.

But I think, for people like me, blogging can often times do more harm than good. How, you ask. Well, I'm in the Navy and I work in the submarine community. We have a saying in that community that goes like this, 'Don't nuke it out!' Nukes are nuclear trained personnel who are, for all intents and purposes, the smartest of the enlisted sailors. And so being the smartest they have a reputation to uphold in giving the smart answers. More often than not, though, most answers are quite simple. But true to their nature the nuke will over analyze the situation and give you an answer ten times longer and more complex than necessary.

Now, I am not a nuke. I have very little care for the things they know. But I am a nuke when it comes to life. I over analyze everything and make things far more complicated than they need be. So, instead of putting words to blog and revealing the truth of life I use this place to concoct the most elaborate explanations as to my problems in life to an end that is dizzying.

I beat my mind to a pulp trying to derive some complex philosophical equation that is more complicated than is needed which only serves to drive me deeper and deeper into a psychotic labyrinth of loose ends.

If that didn't sound desperately poetic I don't know what does.

On the bright side, some brave souls dare to unravel my rantings, my deluged scribblings saturated with wit and sarcasm, idyllic keyboard-spawned brain garbling and reply with the shiniest pearls of wisdom. I guess I don't write so I can find truth within myself. I write for the free counseling I get. And trust me, I do appreciate it. Thank you.

Still, I encourage everyone to write what's in their heart because at the very least it gives the rest of us something to read when Face Book is shut down. I jest. But seriously, write, write and write some more. It can't hurt.

Thank you again you responders and anonymous readers for your time and valuable advice. It is welcome.



  1. Accepting that you cannot control most things in the universe is a necessary prerequisite to contentment.

  2. Contentment is only welcome when I'm lying on my death bed. Until then, I would rather avoid the peaceful feeling that I have completed all my tasks in life and now it's time to sit back and be content. :)