Thursday, December 10, 2009

Road of Faith?

Could you say that God has a plan? Could you say that he has a road down which he desires for you to travel? But which turn to take? Life is so full of intersections. Right or left or stay the course. If God has a plan, how do I know what it is?

I like to think he leaves us little signs. I like to think coincidence is not always so coincidental. I also believe that the path of God is not easy. There are alot of hard decisions to make, alot of heart ache. But...

When you know you are on the right path, when you have faith, a peace will come over you. Ah, peace. How great would that be? When you believe and have true faith then what reason would there be to worry? He has everything under control. There is a saying I remember from long ago and it seemed silly to me then but it makes sence now: Let go, let God.
-Nosmo (I think I'll dust of the guitar when I go home today and strum a few chords.)

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