Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fallen Knight

I wonder how much room there is in the world for nobility, truth and honesty? I wonder if there is room for your knight in shining armor, men who live merely to love and sacrifice for beauty and innocence.

Is this a fantasy and nothing more? I cannot bring harm to those I love, I cannot abandon those I have sworn to protect. Or can I?

In this shitty world, in this world of 'me's and 'maybe's, is there a place for 'us' and 'yes'? Is there a place for honor? I have sought it out and I have grown bitter over the years for my efforts. I am losing the poet inside me, the chivalrous knight of truth and faith and romance.

I have never hated the world so much as now. I have never been so bitter and selfish as I am now. Part of me wants to continue this, to be the selfish bastard who takes for himself and the rest of you be damned. Another part clings to the knight in shining armor, the dreamer and poet and lover.

Tell me, where is your knight in shining armor? Has the world beaten him? Has he fallen? Pick him up. Put him back on his feet. Send him down the path and alight in him the fire of passion and purpose and he will be yours to command.

Where is your knight in shining armor? He is the man who mother warned you about. He is the man your father called a loser who would never make it in the world. He is the drunk stumbling around blathering about a love that got away. He is the man hiding in books and music, too shy to approached women. Where is your knight in shining armor?



  1. Knights in shiny armor come in all shapes and sizes and at different times in your life. Knights don't hurt loved ones or the ones they are sworn to protect otherwise they would not be knights. Are knights truly happy or do they always continue to find dragons to slay and damsels in distress? Do they ever stop dreaming? Do they ever stop yearning for the fantasy? Don't be sinicle,You are a knight in shiny armor, only you know the right thing to do and you will never give up hope and you will always dream and fantisize! Good luck!

  2. Are you a damsel in distress? :0